Omaha FC


Omaha Football Club (“Omaha FC”) first originated in October 2008. The two main founders, John Keating, Director of Coaching for Gladiator Soccer Club, and Alex Mason, Director of Coaching for Millard Star Soccer Club (“Arsenal”), met at a coffee shop to discuss the possibility of merging their two soccer clubs. Gladiator and Arsenal had been the two most successful soccer clubs in the state of Nebraska for the past decade and were often rivals at various levels of competition. The idea of a merger was very surprising to most at the beginning, but differences were put aside to create one new club.

With the creation of Omaha FC, many benefits came along for soccer in Omaha including; meaningful opportunities for players of all levels, new coaching models, and the development of unique and innovative programs. Omaha FC is a prime example of what can be accomplished with a little ambition and teamwork.